How To Create Your CDs And DVDs

This section details how to use DWebPro from downloading the application to burning the contents of your Web site created with DWebPro onto a CD or DVD.

The proper order of tasks for creating your Web site for CD/DVD are:

  1. Download the latest version of DWebPro

  2. Download the necessary additional packages (for example, PHP and MySQL)

  3. Install DWebPro and the additional packages.

  4. Configure DWebPro (http.ini file). Refer to the DWebPro Configurator Tabs topic for more information.

  5. Configure the add-on packages.

  6. Create the databases, if used.

  7. Copy your own Web site files into the C:\DWebPro\deploy\www folder.

  8. Start DWebPro and verify if the Web site works properly.

  9. Burn the contents of the C:\DWebPro\deploy folder and subfolders to the CD/DVD.

Additionally you can create a text file named autorun.inf and place it into the root folder of the CD/DVD. This file will launch DWebPro automatically, immediately after the CD/DVD is inserted in the user’s CD/DVD drive. Here is a simple example of the autorun.inf file content:

label=DWebPro Demo Site

In the above example, it is assumed that the DWebPro files have been previously copied to the dwebpro subfolder of the CD/DVD.