How To Protect Your License From Stealing With The DWebPro License Bundler

The DWebPro License Bundler tool allows to attach your license file (license.lic) into the dwebpro.exe binary in a way that it can’t be used by third parties for the creation of other CDs/DVDs or install packages.

The DWebPro License Bundler Software

The DWebPro License Bundler Software

This tool encodes the license and embeds it into the dwebpro.exe binary with a unique key based on the http.ini file and the files in the document root folder. In this way the generated executable (dwebpro.exe) will work only with that specific configuration and web application.

Using the DWebPro License Bundler tool is very easy:

  • Open it from Start -> Programs -> DWebPro -> Security Tools -> DWebPro License Bundler.

  • Change the various setting to fits your needs. Most of the times you should not need to change the default values.

  • Click on Bundle License.

  • Close the tool.

Keep in mind that the generated executable specified by the Destination file field will run only with the configuration file specified by the HTTP.INI File field and the web application located in the Document root field. If you made any change to those files you have to re-bundle the license otherwise you will raise the dwebpro_license_invalid_cd error message ("WARNING! The license is invalid for this CD/DVD!").

Refer to the DWebPro License Bundler topic for more information on DWebPro license bundling tools.