How To Re-Brand DWebPro

DWebPro ReBrand allows you to re-brand the dwebpro.exe file with your own icon and version information.

The DWebPro ReBrander enables you to re-brand the dwebpro.exe file in a couple of minutes.

The DWebPro ReBrander Software

The DWebPro ReBrander Software

To rebrand the dwebpro.exe file follow these steps:

  • Open the DWebPro ReBrander tool (Start -> Programs -> DWebPro -> Advanced Tools -> DWebPro ReBrander).

  • It will automatically load the current dwebpro.exe version information.

  • Fill the version information fields with your own information.

  • Select an Icon File if you want to personalize the icon.

  • Select a Destination File.

  • Click on ReBrand button.

Refer to the DWebPro Licensing Model topic for more information about DWebPro ReBrand.