How To Create An Install Package

With a DWebPro CoBrand (or above) you can distribute DWebPro with your web application in an install package. You can use any software able to create install packages (EXE or MSI). Here is a list of various installer available on the market.

We advise our customers to use Inno Setup (, it’s free, very stable and includes almost any feature you can need. It supports the execution of internal Pascal Scripting for complex tasks such registry manipulation and can use external DLLs to perform any other task.

In the cobrand folder (typically C:\DWebPro\cobrand) you can find an Inno Setup script ( and a NSIS script ( you can use as template for creating your own install package.

Creating an install package that works on every system and configuration can be a complex task. We suggest you to read the "Best Practice Guidelines for Building Quality Installs" articles on the Windows Installer Team Blog.

Just a final note, remember to check the behavior of your web application under user with different privileges and under all the operating systems you will support.