How to run DAlbum 1.42 on CD/DVD

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a fully working version of DAlbum running from a CD or DVD.

1. The first step is to download and install the DWebPro server:

DWebPro is a web server (like Apache and IIS) developed for distributing dynamic web site on CD/DVD and as install packages. It’s FREE for non commercial use, so you can use it for your personal projects without any cost.

2. Then you have to download and install the following additional package (from

  • PHP 5.2

When you install PHP, chose the ISAPI (recommended) mode. It’s faster than CGI, especially when the web site is executed from a CD/DVD.

The installation of both DWebPro and the preconfigured packages is pretty straight forward, just run the installer and follow the steps (Next, Next, Next, … Finish!).

3. Download the DAlbum 1.5 source code:

4. Open the Windows Explorer and browse to the deploy folder of DWebPro (usually C:\DWebPro\deploy).

5. Open the deploy\php.ini, search for the following string:


and replace it with:


This will enable the GD extension required by DAlbum.

6. Open the Windows Explorer and browse to the deploy\www folder of DWebPro (usually C:\DWebPro\deploy\www).

This folder is the DWebPro document root, where we will place the DAlbum files.

7. Remove any file and folder from the deploy\www directory except the deploy\www\bin one.

8. Extract the content of the DAlbum package into the deploy\www folder.

9. Open the deploy\www\ config\config.php file and add the following row at the top of the PHP script:

ini_set("session.save_path",  dwebpro_getvar('DWEBPRO_TEMP'));

This will enable the sessions.

10. Let’s burn DAlbum on CD/DVD.

Open your favorite burning utility (es. Nero) and burn the whole deploy folder into a CD/DVD.

11. Run DAlbum from CD/DVD

Start the dwebpro.exe from the CD/DVD created in the previous steps and here it is: your DAlbum running from CD/DVD.