Feedbacks & Testimonials about DWebPro

All the following feedbacks are real and 100% true (if you want, you can contact the specified people directly).

$16 BILLION company like SIEMENS, International Trade Centre and Fortune 500 companies like Motorola rely on the quality software program DWebPro for their marketing and stand-alone web server needs.

DWebPro was a very good choice because it supports a lot of dynamic web technology and the process of publishing the offline version to a DVD presentation version was quite easy.

I am also very satisfied with the technical support, they helped a lot when I needed it when using the DWebPro software.

Martin Pátík – Siemens A&D Manager –

At Raytheon, we have used the DWebPro product to produce a standalone version of our enterprise level "Integrated Product Development System" to provide standard business processes to our secure areas that have limited web access.

Our system is comprised of 2 Static HTML/Javascript websites, ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 dynamic web pages, 2 SQL Server 2000 databases as well as several pages that use SOAP XSLT Transforms.

DWebPro was used to produce a standalone version of our website that actually provides better performance than our enterprise website!!

DWebPro’s customer support was second to none. The DWebPro staff added functionality to their application that enabled us to satisfy all of our requirements. Well Done!

Theodore H Kaseler – Lead Programmer – Raytheon –

DWEBPRO is a great sofware that answers to our needs.

The support is very effective, when you contact them, technical support answer you in less than 2 hours.

Project Manager – Asand Composite Polymers –

We needed to transfer our databases onto another support format such as CD-DVD while keeping the option of running queries on the databases as though via normal web navigation, thus transferring some dynamic parts of our web site directly onto removable units. DWebPro completely satisfied our requirements by creating a stand alone web server and without needing to rewrite the web site code.

Once installed, following a few easy steps, it was sufficient to personalise the file HTTP.INI copying our site into a specific folder DEPLOY, the action was completed by slightly modifying a reference file for the dynamic database queries. The last part was fully solved thanks to the excellent support provided by the DWebPro assistance.

Although we have probably only exploited 10% of the potential of DWebPro our feedback is highly positive, the exeptional assistance service offered should not be overlooked in evaluating this product positively, including the fact that free upgrades with many more functions are also sent free of charge to the customer.

Vincenzo Zeuli – Information System Expert –

Your excellent product DWebPro is not only a stand alone web server software to fit all possible needs. It’s much more.

Trying to install different software for my prospect website (MySql, PHP, OsCommerce, Moodle etc.) this summer and to master the programs I spent many days fighting with a number of bugs and different installation issues. I was really disapointed many times.

Having come across your software, I have realized to my utmost astonishment and satisfaction that all that problems were successfully solved by your team. Perfect product! What to say more?

Everything in the last version works fine, all modules were easily installed once downloaded.
The bundle of features is excellent and all of them function well.
I hope their choice will satisfy the most inquisitive of your custommers.

When I was confronted with an installation issue, which was the result of my own fault, I unexpectedly quickly attained the support and got all needed help.

Thank you for this state-of-the-art product and your excellent support.

Mikhail Mikhailov, PhD – Director of the Belarussian Hindi Online College –

I found DWebPro an amazing application, really the best stand alone web server on the market. Now, I can develop solutions on mysql and php or php based content manahement systems like Drupal (my favourite!!!) and I will be able to use this solutions on offline way or on a CD media easily. Thank you very much for your nice tool.

Laszlo Janosek – Military IT Technician

I would like to say DWebPro is an outstanding piece of software and I would recommend it to any one in need of a standalone server. I am a beginner just trying to learn HTML PHP and some of the other basic programming languages (mainly PHP which I know very little but am try and learn).

DWebPro is a great addition to this process allowing me to install a basic server on my home computer to learn from. For a person using dial up this makes life much easier when trying to learn a server based language. No having to upload and download to see what you crashed next in this learning process LOL.

Its was very simple to download and install and the instructions were very simple and self explanatory. I repeat I’m a newbie and very new to this and in the early learning stage.

I have not need any support but I would assume that if your support is as good as your product it would be outstanding.

I just want to thank all of you at DWebPro for this easy to use and understand program. I know that if I had to use the dial up connection that I have now to learn and test PHP online I would not do it. I do appreciate that DWebPro is Free to use for non commercial use. This shows that you care and are willing to help others to learn.

I know what I do with this program does not even began to show this program’s full potential but it makes my learning process much simpler.

Thanks again

Bert W –

Here is some other feedbacks from just a few of our stand-alone web server users …

Your product is as great as no one could imagine!
The installation process of the server and its addons is really simple and user-friendly. Further configuration is very flexible and intuitive.Though I have no need in most of the features of the server right now, their choise is just astonishing. DWebPro is really what the Professional Stand Alone Web Server should look like. As for the support, I have absolutely no complaints on its quality or speed.
Never Hood – DWebPro user

Thanks for an excellent product that has solved my problems with transferring dynamic sites to CD.
Mel Rayner – K Web Design –

Love DWebPro. Install was a breeze, adding server side and MySQL could not have been easier. Thanks for the great product, I will be recommending it as a standalone server to people where I can.
Chris Thompson – Web Developer

DWebPro is wonderfull!
Jean-Pierre van Maasakker – Zero Creative –

Thanks your fast answers!
You are awesome! So fast!

First Lieutenant Ádám Fejér – Hungarian Home Defense Ministry –

It’s incredible the speed you answer your customers requests!
The rapidity with which DWeb is updated is one of the reasons that have made me to prefer this software than other similar ones.
Mario Tartaglia

We are very very impressed with your product and will definitely be using it in a few jobs in the future.
Sandra England – AMA DataSet Ltd –

Thank you for putting together a terrific software package. I have a layman’s knowledge but was able to make it work within 30 minutes of downloading your trial version.
Diana Kai – RE/MAX All Executives Realty –

Thank you for making an excellent software package.
Kacey A. Murphy – Glois Inc. –

I first congradulate you on a fantastic product. This has really opened my eyes to opportunities as a marketer with some IT knowledge.
Chris Ball – Developer / Business Analyst

So far I have found DWebPro extremely easy to install and use.
Tony Phillips – Patriot Computer Group, Inc. –

A great product
Luke Chapman – Director of Crave Creative Limited –

I must say I found DWebPro very exciting and easy to use.
Abdul Konomanyi – Web Developer

Excellent programme by the way. I had been searching for something to do this for a couple of months and then found your programme. Very simple to use and does exactly what it says.
Mel Rayner – K Web Design –

This is awsome software! You have done an excellent job here.
Tim Dorey

Thank you for putting together a terrific software package. I have a layman’s knowledge but was able to make it work within 30 minutes of downloading your trial version.
Diana Kai – RE/MAX All Executives Realty –

May I also congratulate you on an absolutely brilliant product?
Well developed, keep up the good work!

Chris Visser – Snap-on Africa (PTY) LTD –

I do like the software and it looks great
Robert Grimmett – Web Site Management, Inc. –

DWebpro really works good. I will definately recommend this to my company.
Anuj Agarwal

What a great product!
Michael Allen – Nexus Media Communications Ltd –

Thanks for this perfect app you did, it’s just what I needed :)
David Smid

Thanks for your great work (DWebPro)
Mohamed Desoqy – ReDSOFT –

I think you have a great product in DWeb.
Mark –

I am using your product for non-commercial use and I love it.
Alvin Manz

Great software! There is no problem using it, everything is bright clear and I find it very usefull.
Cristian Homeuca – Living Plastic Industry S.A. –

I visited your website and was amazed about your product.
Stefan Uhle –

Your product is just perfect and is exactly what i need!
Nikolai Stefanov

Your product is great! :D

Excelent and unique product.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gnomon Informatics SA –

Your product runs great!
Alvin (Bud) Manz, Jr. – Northwest State Community College –

Your DWebPro works excellent with mySQL database!

Your product is great!
Softella Team –

I love your product: I tried another one first, and had almost given up on the whole idea before I tried yours.

Love the software.
Robert Allison –

I wish you well with your product. It is very easy to set up and works quite nicely.
Wilson, Al – General Dynamics Canada Ltd –

Thank you very much! Your support so far has been brilliant, nice and very quick.
Duncan Newman – Vicon Industries –

Your product is awesome. I am not only please but excited about the possibilities.
Randy Custer

DWeb looks like just the product we are going to need.
Andreas Gunzenhauser –

You have done a fantastic product !
Guillaume Sueur – GEOSIGNAL – Groupe BVA –

I’ve been looking for something that can do this quickly and easily for some time – well done!
Luke Chapman – Director of Crave Creative Limited –

I just downloaded your product and it looks great
Jerome Sabety – International Trade Centre –

I have found DWebPro really interesting
Alessandro Bonatti – e-project –

We have tested your software. It’s really extraordinary and we are interested in buying a license.
Lorenzo Lovato – Europa Multimedia Srl –

I have tested DWebPro last week (compliments!) I have found it very functional.
Paolo Gibellini – Teinos Srl –

I have finally tried completely your product and I’m very satisfied
Luciano Pepe – De Sisti Lighting –

Compliments for dweb! We are interested in buying your neat little number
Alberto Nannini – –

Hi, I want to make truly compliments for the your software and support.
Lilo – Hotel Aurora Nord –

Thank you for this great product, and for the quick support!
Nicolas Challeil – L’Internet Communicant –

You have a really good unique product here.

Thanks for your great work
Mohamed Desoqey – ReDSOFT –

I think your product is great.
Nauman Ahmed – iENGINEERING Corporation –

All the previous feedbacks are real and 100% true (if you want, you can contact the specified people directly).

$16 BILLION company like SIEMENS, International Trade Centre and Fortune 500 companies like Motorola rely on the quality software program DWebPro for their marketing and stand-alone web server needs.